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Prediction: Google to Buy Spot Runner

Spot Runner CEO Nick Grouf presented today at OMMA Hollywood.  Spot Runner provides a simple, quick way for local businesses and national corporations with local offices to create, buy, and place highly targeted local TV advertising.  If Google’s M&A team is not already driving down to LA with truckloads of money to buy the company, they should.  And if they don’t, Microsoft or Yahoo should.

Accordingt to Nick, Spot Runner reduces the cost of creating a decent TV ad from $500,000 to $500 ($499 to be precise).  It reduces the time necessary to plan and buy a TV campaign from 6 weeks-12 months to 24 hours.  It allows thousands of local businesses and franchises that would never have been able to employ TV advertising in the old media world to do so–and target the campaigns by zip code.


Two readers argue (see comments) that what Spot Runner is offering is nothing new–that cheap creative has been available since the Dark Ages, that you can target by zip code, etc.  The impression I got from the presentation was that Spot Runner seriously streamlined the process (and reduced costs).  Any Spot Runner customers out there care to weigh in?


One reasonably happy Spot Runner customer weighs in (see comments).  Any others out there?

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