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Instagram++ Review – Enjoy The Enhanced Features

Instagram is a universal app on every iOS devices these days. It is a great social networking platform where you post pictures, videos, and many more.

There is a massive community of users that could view them. In fact, it has become the best way to showcase your talents. It also helps you connect to people through messaging. Everyone posts stories of their daily life. However, is this enough? A few features are missing in the app. However, we have come up with a modified version called Instagram Plus (Instagram++).

What is Instagram++?

It is an awesome mod of Instagram that gives you a bunch of extra features. It mainly focuses on the privacy of the users. You can also download the posts you like into your device. Instagram++ is now available for iOS. You can find a variety of settings in the app. It also lets you customize Instagram as you wish. This makes it more fun to use Instagram++. There are many more features that make it the best social networking app.

However, the modded Instagram++ is not available on the Apple app store. You will need Emus4u on iOS to get this. Emus4u have massive app installers for iOS that gives you hundreds of such tweaked and modded apps for free. Also, you can get them without jailbreaking your iDevice. In this article, we will look at a method to easily install Instagram++ on iOS using Emus4u.

Features of Instagram++ on iOS

Instagram++ is a big way to join with people and share your views, interests, talents, etc. It provides you new and advanced features to make your feed to look amazing. Let us look at some of them.

  • You can hide your seen receipts from the inbox, and change the layout of your feed between thumbnails or full feed view.
  • You can zoom the image by long press and still view the caption of the post.
  • It lets you hide the Bio in your profile.
  • You can download all the media contents into your device directly.
  • It will display thumbnails in high picture quality.
  • You can open links from Instagram directly.
  • You can hide the comments section in different layouts.
  • There are no bugs in the app till now that it offers amazing performance.
  • It has a wonderful user interface so that you can enjoy the features easily.

Instagram++ offers many more exciting features. With this, you can reach more people and expand your community. It is a great way to maintain privacy if you wish to.

How to Install Instagram++ on iOS by using Emus4u

Instagram++ can now be installed on iOS. It is a modded version and hence requires the help of a third-party app store. Ems4u is the largest source to serve the purpose. Emus4u provides a safe and fast platform to get any modded, apps, and games on your iDevices. Following me for the step by step below to install Instagram++ on iOS by using Emus4.

  1. The first step is downloading Emus4u. To get this, you need to open the Safari browser on your iOS and go to the link Emus4u Download.
  2. This will redirect you to the Emus4u website. You will find an Install option here. Tap on it to get the app installer. The installation will begin soon.
emus4u config
  1. When your installation is completed, do not open the app immediately. You need to move to Settings. Under the General section, go to Profile & Device Management. From this, you need to enable the Trust for Emus4u.
  2. Now, Emus4u is ready for launch. Open it, and you will find a great collection of apps. You will find a search bar at the top. Look for Instagram++.
instagram++ without jailbreak
  1. It will give you the app. Choose Instagram++, and you will find the app description and an Install button. You need to tap on it and proceed.
  2. The installation will be over in some time. Now, you have to open the Settings. Scroll down and look for Profile & Device Management. If your smartphone device is requested, turn on the Trust option, you need to turn on it.

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Finals Thoughts

That’s all you have to do to install Instagram++ on iOS using Emus4u. This modded version offers the best user interface with an awesome load of features to customize the app as you like. Make sure that you use the sources given here as they are trusted.

It would be best if you always used Safari Browser so that the installation is free of errors. Instagram++ is entirely free to use and do not require a jailbreak.

Now, you can give your favorite app a brand new look by downloading this modded version. New updates are coming up now and then which offers you more advanced features.

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