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How to Use TuTuApp Pokemon Go on iPhone/iPad or Android Device

If you are a fan in playing Pokemon Go game, then it is available for free in the native App Store for Smartphone devices. Although the game requires to have access to the GPS and you need to roam around the country not even the world to capture various Pokemon.

In case you are interested in playing the game without roaming around the city. You should use the TuTuApp for downloading the Pokemon Go game. TuTuApp is one of the most famous third-party app installers available in the market.

This application allows you to download and install various application and games for free in your smartphone devices. In this article, we will discuss Pokemon Go game on TuTuApp and how to use it.

Features of Pokemon Go Game on TuTuApp

These are the features of the Pokemon Go game on TuTuApp. Read the features carefully before installing Pokemon Go game using the TuTuApp.

How to install & use Pokemon Go game on TuTuApp

  • You don’t need to room around to capture Pokemon. You can do it by sitting in your home comfortably.
  • Joystick control is available for playing Pokemon Go.
  • Easily simulates the movement of the player by hacking the GPS of the device.
  • Anti-ban feature is available, which will prevent your account for being banned by playing Pokemon Go.
Pokemon Go game on TuTuApp

Use the following guidelines for using TuTuApp Pokemon Go. Read the instructions carefully before installing this game in your smartphone devices. This method is similar in both IOS and Android devices.

Download& Install TuTuApp

Direct Link

  1. First, you will open your web browser in your smartphone device. Click the link TuTuApp Download.
  2. This link will open the page for the installation file of the saved it.
  3. Download the respective installation file, APK in case of Android and IPA in case of iOS.
  4. After the installation file is downloaded, tap on the installation file to get it installed in your smartphone devices.
  5. In Android devices, the application will ask you to enable install from unknown sources option in order to proceed with the installation process.
  6. In iOS devices application will ask you to click on the trust button to allow installation in your device.
  7. Wait a few seconds for your install app to smartphone devices.

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The official website

Download TutuApp VIP
  1. Open the website tutuapp.vip on your web browser in your smartphone device.
  2. Click the download button “Download TutuApp VIP”.
  3. Choose Continue and allow the website to open Settings to show you a configuration profile.
  4. Click Install and TutuApp will show in your phone after it completes to install.

Install Pokemon Go

  1. After the installation process is completed, launch the Pokemon Go from the app list.
  2. After the application is launched, you can either create an account or log in to the previous Pokemon Go account.
  3. You will get to see a joystick for movement around the map, new 50 taken capture multiple Pokemon in the game.

What Happened to TuTuApp Pokemon Go?

After you have successfully installed the TuTuApp Pokemon Go game in your smartphone devices, you may face several issues which need to be fixed in order to play the game.

The most common issue is that you will be unable to download the Pokemon Go game, you can even face the game crashing issue even if it gets installed in your device. In some of the cases, you might not able be successful in installing the game, even if you have downloaded the APK file or IPA file.

The most common fix is by downloading the different modded version of the Pokemon Go game and use GPS hacking application for having a joystick in the game.

No Joystick After Installing Pokemon Go Using TuTuApp

After installing the Pokemon Go game from TuTuApp, many of the users are not able to get joystick in the game. As the whole purpose of the joystick is to make the character move around the map to capture Pokemon.

Recently the developer of the game has patched the bug by using the safety net check, so we would recommend you to use another third-party application for hacking the GPS on your smartphone device.

This problem only arises in the Android devices; you will not face this issue in the iOS devices. You need to use Fly GPS third-party application in your Android device in case you have not received the latest security patch in your device. If you have the recent security patch in your Android device, then we will recommend you to use Fake GPS GO application to get joystick in the Pokemon Go game.

Wrapping Things Up

TuTuApp can be one of the most useful applications for a smartphone which will help you to run Pokemon Go by hacking the GPS.

This app basically provides the modded version of the Pokemon Go game, which allows you to play this GPS based game from your home itself. We have gathered the complete information about Pokemon Go on TuTuApp various active users and internet and posted them in this article for you.

Share this informative article with others, so that takes it to use the Pokemon Go game using TuTuApp.

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