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How to Get Spotify Premium for Free Forever (2019 METHOD)

Currently, there are multiple music streaming applications available in the market, and Spotify is #1 among them. The application (app) is available for both iOS and Android smartphone devices. It has more than 200 million active users are using the Spotify music streaming application in their devices.

Although it is available in both free and premium version, and more than 100 million users have the premium subscription. In this article, we will discuss getting the premium version of the Spotify application for free on both iOS and Android devices.

Features of Spotify Premium

These are the key features of the Spotify Premium music streaming application for smartphone devices. Read the features carefully before installing this app on your devices.

  • The app provides high-quality audio while playing them.
  • You can easily stream music files without any annoying ads in the app.
  • The app will give you the ability to skip unlimited soundtracks, which is limited in the free version of the application.
  • The unlimited music download feature is available in the premium version of the app.

Pros and Cons of Spotify Premium App


  • No limitation on the number of streaming.
  • This app has the most extensive library with more than 35 million music files.
  • This app is supportable in all smartphone platforms around the globe.
  • The app also allows you to play in offline mode, even if you do not have any internet connection.
  • 30 days free premium trial is offered by the app.
  • You will be having the most user-friendly music streaming app.


  • Spotify only offers six-month unlimited streaming for the free version of the app.
  • Most of the songs will be interrupted by several ads in the application.
  • The European version of the Spotify app only allows the radio feature.
  • If you are using Spotify US version, then you will not be able to purchase DRM-free music from the application.
  • If you try to get the premium version of the app in the US, then you need to have an invitation from the developers.
  • Alternative email signup is not a solution for using the trial period of premium version in a similar app.

Guide to Download Spotify Premium on iOS [No Jailbreak] or Android devices

Use these following guidelines for downloading Spotify Premium application using third-party App Store named TweakBox.

This procedure applies to both Android and iOS smartphone devices. The Spotify premium application renamed to Spotify++, which is available in the third-party app store.

TweakBox is the best procedure in case you don’t want to jailbreak your smartphone devices.

Download& Install TweakBox

Direct Link

  1. Launch an internet browser in your smartphone device.
  2. Now using the link here TweakBox and open the download page of the TweakBox third-party app store in your smartphone devices.
  3. After the website opens up, download the installation file for your smartphone platforms. In case you have an Android device, then you need to download the APK file. If you have an iOS device, then you need to download the IPA file.
  4. Wait for the files to get downloaded in your device.
  5. Now you need to locate the installation file of the application to get it installed in the smartphone.
  6. After it has done, you need to tap on the installation file in your smartphone device to get installed.
  7. Now the device asks you to enable install from unknown sources option in case you are using Android device. You need to select the trust option if you are using an iOS device.

The official website

Get Spotify Premium for Free by TweakBox

If you don’t want to download IPA ( for iOS ) or APK ( for Android ) files, you can install TweakBox app with some clicks.

  1. Open tweakboxapp.com on your web browser for your smartphone device.
  2. Click on the Install Now button and choose Continue and allow the website to open Settings to show you a configuration profile.
  3. Click Install to complete it, and the TweakBox app will show in your app list.

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Install Spotify

tweakbox ios 12
  1. After the application installed, launch pic from the app list of your smartphone.
  2. After the application gets launched, click on APPS tab and choose Tweaked Apps. Search for “Spotify++” in the application using the search bar.
tweakbox online
  1. From the result, tap on the install button to install the Spotify premium application in your devices.
tweakbox spotify
  1. After your installation completed, you will get to see the Spotify app icon in the app list.
  2. Launch the application from there, and you can and use all the premium features for free in your smartphone devices.

Wrapping Things Up

Streaming service applications are the most trending apps available for Smartphone devices; among them, music streaming apps are most used.

Spotify is currently the best music streaming apps available in the market, which frequently updates it’s music database to include all the latest music albums. We have completed collecting the information about the Spotify premium, and how to install it for free in iOS and Android devices.

Share this useful with others, so that they get to know about the installation process and the usage of the Spotify premium in their smartphone devices.

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