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Grass-Roots Yahoo Shareholder Wants to Boot Terry

A small Yahoo shareholder, Eric Jackson, is trying to organize a grassroots web campaign to complete the baby-step shakeup Yahoo announced last month.  The idea of organizing shareholders via the web is an excellent one (albeit quite challenging), and Jackson has already made some progress.  The Street’s Vishesh Kumar has a good piece about the effort.

Chief among Jackson’s Yahoo proposals is to immediately promote Sue Decker to CEO.  I agree wholeheartedly with this because I think otherwise the company will be in suspended animation until the new CFO and Group Head are in place and Terry’s successor is clear (a process that could take at least a year).  This isn’t an anti-Terry position; it’s just a pro-Yahoo one.  Until the shakeup has been completed and the company’s management structure is clear, every valuable employee will have only one eye on the business.  The other will be on the “send” button, ready to send out their resumes.

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