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eBay Gets The Lame Award for Google Checkout Ban

Hard to know where to start on all the eBay news today.  Paypal president out, possibly for performance.  Rookie Skype president Rajiv Dutta parachuting in to save day (and who will run Skype, another critical eBay division, albeit one that eBay shouldn’t have bought, now that Rajiv’s headed back to CA?).  A detailed analyst report (Mark Mahaney) concluding that Google Checkout is actually a viable threat to PayPal.  And an unbelievably lame response on eBay’s part to Google Checkout, which was to forbid sellers from using it.

Only one word is required to riff on the Google Checkout ban: pathetic.  “OOOOooo, scary, a new product that our customers might actually prefer.  Quick–outlaw it!”  Not the best way to win customer hearts and minds.  And along with the management changes, a graphic illustration that the fear quotient is running high.

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